Profile Meaton FitnessIf your looking at this you have stumbled upon my blog. Thanks for checking in.  I’m ME, Mark Eaton, I am a personal trainer and strength coach.

A lover of handstands, reading, learning, self-development, movement, gymnastics, sport performance and the art of coaching

I coach to help people get the best of of themselves with evidence based knowledge and from hands on experience working with clients each day.

I have coached numerous of clients, people looking to become fitter and stronger for the themselves and their general health, injury rehabilitation with athletes and general population and also sports performance with athletes from club teams to county teams, international athletes in a variety of sports from soccer, Gaelic games (hurling & football), Tae Kwon Do, Swimming, Triathletes, Marathon Runners,

I love my role as a coach and I love seeing my clients improve not only physically in the gym and sports performance but also mentally, bring a holistic approach to health and well being both in sport and recreational.

Have a look around check out my blogs, and enjoy

Yours in Fitness

Meaton Fitness

Mark Eaton

BSc Sport & Exercise Sciences

PN Level 1